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*** Please note that we will only be accessible from the Seven Springs direction during the week commencing Monday 24th January, due to Council work closing the road in the other direction. Once work passes our entrance, access will only be from the A40 direction. We will update this notice and our social media when this happens ***


Hot food and drinks available on Fridays, Saturdays and Competition/Open Days


Enjoy the thrill and excitement of a driven game day out of season with a simulated game day. 

An ideal way to spend a day with friends; entertain clients and staff, or keep your eye in for the season, a simulated game day is exactly the same as a driven day - but at a fraction of the cost.

Meet at an exclusive country estate; travel around the estate taking in the superb scenery and shoot different drives, pause for elevenses and catch up with the other guns, move peg and continue the sport before finishing the day with a sumptuous shoot lunch.

The quarry is clay pigeons presented in a variety of different drives to simulate the flight of partridge and pheasant - we can even create a Glorious Cotswold Grouse day!

Ian Coley Sporting has a long history of providing not only the finest Driven Game days, but also the finest Simulated Game Days in the Cotswolds and beyond. Choose from prestigious venues all over the UK to suit your team’s exact requirements.

Full teams are available from as little as £200 per head (based on 16 guns).

For more information, give the Sporting Office a call today on 01242 870391 option 4 or use the enquiry button below.


“A great day to spend with friends on some stunning Estates, I always leave with hot barrels and a big smile!”

Many people ask us the best way to reduce recoil when shooting on a Simulated Game Day, especially when hotter cartridge temperatures increase felt recoil. Our Gun Room team outline their 5 favourite recoil reducing solutions for Simulated Game Shooting:

  • GUNFIT - Have you checked your gun fit? If you feel recoil at any time it is always worth having your gun fit checked to make sure your stock is the right length for you.  A stock that is not the right length for you can result in more felt recoil due to your upper body being stretched and under tension.
  • PAST FIELD SHIELD - This is one of our personal favourites. The Past Field Shield reduces recoil up to 75% and we can personally attest that they make a huge difference . The Past Field Shield fits comfortably under (or over) garments and is available in Mens or Ladies fit.
  • RECOIL PADS – Beretta and Browning both make recoil pads that can easily fit into your shooting vest. Both are superbly comfortable and soak up the recoil – perfect for a Simulated Game day or busy times when you are shooting a lot and may start to feel a bit of recoil towards the end of the day.
  • KICKEEZE PADS - Kickeeze rubber pads are one of the most popular recoil pads on the market. They come over-sized and need to be ground down to fit the stock of the gun, but the result is that they make the gun superbly comfortable to shoot. They’re a great option if you plan on shooting heavier game loads in the season too.
  • LOWER LOAD CARTRIDGES – Theses are a must on any Simulated Game Day! The quality of 21 and 24 gram clay cartridges are more than capable of holding their own, and there are a variety of options available from Clever, Cheddite , Eley, Fiocchi, Gamebore and Hull to name just a few!

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