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Beretta 690 Field III

Summary of the Beretta 690 Field III

The Beretta 690 Field III 12-bore game gun is the game version of the Beretta 692 and successor to the Beretta 680. The Beretta 690 Field III blends technology with tradition; and centuries of craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques, to create a lightweight, balanced and lovely-looking over/under shotgun, perfect for a day in the field.

Key Features of the Beretta 690 Field III


Beretta production technology transforms a special tri-alloy steel into an exceptional barrel offering superior ballistic performance. The internal profile of the steelium barrels offers a smoother transition for shot through the barrel, leading to improved patterning and reduced recoil. The barrels are mono-block in construction and chrome lined for durability.


The Beretta 690 Field III has a thin, elegant, double-fenced receiver – typically only seen before on refined premium guns of EELL grade and above – and a roll marked game scene engraving


The 690 Field III features the best grade wood in its category. Every oil-finished, Grade III walnut stock is hand-selected by Beretta to guarantee the best technical and aesthetic standards


A re-designed barrel and forend means the Beretta 690 Field III is lighter than its predecessors. The average 12 bore with 28” barrels weighs only 3.35kg.


Available in 26”, 28” and 30” barrels with two stock drop options in both cast on and off. Five chokes complete the Optima-Choke HP version for consistent accuracy in the field.

What the Ian Coley Gun Shop says about the Beretta 690 Field III:

The Beretta 690 Field III is a great handling gun, smooth to shoot and with low recoil. Perfect for a day shooting

Gun Fitting


Regardless of whether you've got a second hand gun worth £500 or a family heirloom worth £50,000, gun fit is crucial if you want to get the best out of your shooting. Most people can pick a gun off the rack and the fit will be close to their requirements, but for the sake of a small investment, it really is worthwhile having your gun fitted properly.

I see gunfitting as an often-forgotten necessity and it is quite surprising throughout my years of experience how many people have never been fitted with a gun and, truly, the end result is that you cannot shoot your best unless your gun fits you - IAN COLEY

How a gun fitting session works

Gun fit can only be successfully achieved using a Try-Gun, taking it out on the range and testing it on the pattern plate and on targets. A Try-Gun can be fully adjusted to look at stock dimensions, comb height, rib height, trigger pull distance, cast of the stock and the various lengths – from butt to trigger and palm swell to trigger.

Once the try gun has been adjusted, the individual can try the gun for its initial fit. The gun is mounted into the shoulder, so any ill-fitting components can be noted, and the gun fitter looks directly down the barrels to check the cast. Once the adjustments appear to suit the individual, the gun can then be tried out on the pattern plate. Subject to those findings, you can then move to a stand. Adjustments are gradually made depending on the results shown on the pattern plate.

These adjustments are recorded as measurements, which are then given to the gunsmith to create a new made-to-measure gun or, if you are buying a second hand or off the shelf gun, to alter the cast, stock length, trigger, comb or rib to suit. Once a new or adjusted gun is returned from the gunsmith it is important to try it out again – on the pattern plate and also over various targets, to familiarise yourself with the fit.

Gun Fitting

A 1 hour gun fit session using our try-guns and pattern plate costs £120, plus clays and cartridges. We have Over and Under, Side by Side and Trap try guns available.

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