Coley Classic Open 120 ESP

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  • Entrants are only eligible to win one prize - High Gun, Class or Category - whichever is the greater.
  • Prize winners will be decided and announced at the end of the competition, on Friday 21st July 2023.
  • In the event of a tie for High Gun, a tie-break will decide the winner. Ties will be broken by shooting five pairs from a stand nominated by the Organiser (Ian Coley Sporting). This stand will not have been used at any other stage of the event. Scoring will be one point per target, making a total of ten. If a tie still exists following the above, five pairs from a different stand will be shot at. Scoring will again be out of ten. If a tie still exists, a 'sudden-death' tie-break on pairs will follow (scoring out of two) until the tie is broken. All competitors must shoot an equal number of pairs. If you are not present for the shoot off, then you will forfeit your right to shoot for the prize.
  • In the event of a Class or Category (other than High Gun) tie, the prizes will be added and divided between the shooters who have tied.
  • In the event that you win a prize but are not present to collect it, you must be able to collect your prize from Ian Coley Sporting, GL54 4AX.
  • If your prize remains uncollected by 31/12/2023 it will be forfeit.
  • By attending this event you acknowledge that it is in our legitimate interest to capture your likeness and that we can include your likeness in any film, photograph or audio-visual recording - all rights which will be owned by Ian Coley Sporting Ltd. You agree that any footages or images may be used by us in any and all media, for any purpose, at any time, throughout the world, including (with the exception of CCTV) for commercial purpose. If you object to being included in any photography/filming, please make us aware when you arrive.
  • Photography and filming on site is only permitted for personal use. Commercial or editorial photography is prohibited without prior permission from us.
  • By entering this competition you agree that you will be added to the Ian Coley Sporting Ltd mailing list, however you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Ian Coley Sporting Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw this competition and these terms and conditions without notice.
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