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Gun fit is crucial if you want to get the best out of your shooting. Most people can pick a gun off the rack and the fit will be close to their requirements, but for the sake of a small investment, it really is worthwhile having your gun fitted properly.

If you would like to book a Gun Fit, then our Shooting School will be your first point of contact. You can ask any questions and check availability by calling us on 01242 870391 option 2 or using the enquiry button below.


How a Gun Fit works

Gun fit can only be successfully and accurately achieved using a Try-Gun. A Try-Gun is a special, fully adjustable gun where all dimensions can be altered to obtain a set of measurements specific to you.

Dimensions that are measured during a Gun Fit include:

  • length and cast of the stock
  • comb height
  • rib height
  • trigger pull distance
  • butt to trigger
  • palm swell to trigger


The initial fit will be assessed by mounting the gun into the shoulder. Any dimensions that do not fit well are noted, and then the try-gun adjusted. The gun fitter will look directly down the barrels to check the cast.


Once the adjustments appear to suit, the gun can then be tried out on the pattern plate. Subject to those findings, you can then move to a stand. Adjustments are gradually made depending on the results shown on the pattern plate.


After the gun fit, you will have a set of measurements that can be given to a gunsmith. From these measurements, the gunsmith can either make a new gun, or similarly, if you have an existing gun, alter it to suit you.


Finally, once a new or adjusted gun is returned from the gunsmith, it is important to try it out again. Trying a gun on the pattern plate and over various targets will help to familiarise yourself with the new fit.


Do I need to get my gun fitted?

If you are quite new to shooting, we recommend you invest in some lessons before progressing to a gun fit. Having lessons will ensure that you develop a consistent gun mount, which is critical for a gun to be fitted to you correctly. If you're unsure, feel free to give us a call on 01242 870391 option 2 and talk to one of our Instructors.

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How much does a Gun Fit cost?

A Gun Fit (up to 2 hours) using our try-guns and pattern plate costs £200, plus clays and cartridges as used. You are welcome to bring your own cartridges - fibre wad only.

A Gun Fit with a 1-hour follow-up session to familiarise yourself with the new fit (recommended) costs £270.

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I see gunfitting as an often-forgotten necessity and it is quite surprising throughout my years of experience how many people have never been fitted with a gun and, truly, the end result is that you cannot shoot your best unless your gun fits you - IAN COLEY, MBE


We have a full range of demonstrator Krieghoff stock and barrel combinations for you to try on-site, including:

  • 32” Supersport barrels
  • 32" Parcours barrels
  • 32" Parcours X barrels
  • Right hand orientation Parcours stock
  • Left hand orientation Parcours stock
  • Right hand orientation Monte Carlo Trap stock
  • Left hand orientation Monte Carlo Trap stock

We also have the first, fully adjustable Krieghoff try gun stock in the UK. This will allow you to get the perfect gun fit with your choice of Krieghoff barrel and stock type, either for a new made-to-measure gun, or to alter an existing one.

This new service will make configuring your dream gun into a seamless one-stop process.

Book a Gun Fit today or call us on 01242 870391 option 1 for more details.


If you are placing an order for a Perazzi, why not take advantage of the unique opportunity to visit the Perazzi factory in Italy, and have your own bespoke gun made-to-measure.

Perazzi have an open plan factory where it is possible to watch almost every stage of gun assembly, from the production of the stock to striking off the barrels. The tour includes the opportunity to handpick your stock and have your gun fitted.

Book a Gun Fit today or call us on 01242 870391 option 1 for more details.


An excellent gun fitting session. The knowledge of how each small adjustment affects shooting performance was a great experience. The aim at the end of the session was to help deliver a solution that helps you achieve more in your shooting - definitely exceeded expectation!

Had my gun professionally fitted. Massive improvement. Brilliant coach ... great experience in wonderful surroundings.

I recently had a gun fit with Matt Davis who was very experienced and knowledgeable and really enjoyed the 2 hour experience which was worth every penny. My clay and game gun are now with Coley's for alterations.

Exceptional service, arrived early and was welcomed with a cup of coffee and biscuits, appointment was on time. I was served by Matt Davis who looked at the original fit of my gun and after a trip to the pattern plate, it was shooting a little low and he made the appropriate adjustments. I look forward to collecting my gun.

Went for a gun fit & was very impressed, Matt really knows what he's doing.

Very helpful & knowledgeable, they have 3 different try guns so can cater for everyone! Can recommend getting a fitting!

They also have an excellent shooting ground set in gorgeous grounds!

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