Molland has been the family home to the Throckmortons for over 800 years and is located on the edges of the beautiful Exmoor National Park. Whilst waiting for the astonishing pheasant and partridge to take to the air it is not uncommon to see red deer breaking cover. Whilst navigating the narrow lanes and high sided ditches, each corner reveals another valley boasting the high pheasant shooting of which every sporting man dreams.

Molland is one of the truly historic West Country shoots. Many have tried to imitate this famous estate with varying levels of success.

The natural topography of mature woodland sitting atop steep sided valleys lends itself to showing gloriously tall pheasants interspersed with huge coveys of partridge to test the Guns in the same way as drives such as Dipper and Trevors have done for centuries.

The Ian Coley Sporting Agency is pleased to be able to offer days at Molland throughout the season, please contact us today for more information.


Selected Photography by: Leopold Amory


Molland is a classic West Country shoot showing high pheasant and partridges in deep sided valleys with convivial hospitality.

Bremley Farmhouse, South Molland, Devon, EX36 3NH

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