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Challacombe was for some years managed by the nearby Castle Hill Estate who raised the shoot to a high standard and earned it a great reputation. When this partnership came to an end the shoot became redundant for a year at which point Angus was able to take on the ground in 2010. His plan was to present some of the most challenging partridge in the country whilst being surrounded by some of the most beautiful shooting scenery one can find.

In 2015 a truly spectacular parcel of land was acquired, which has complemented the existing Challacombe terrain. This addition has meant the development of some new drives and the exciting option of pheasant into the mix. This enables us to offer smaller, mixed days, through the latter months of the season.

Set in pure Exmoor landscape, this is an incredibly beautiful location. At the heart of the shoot is the reservoir surrounded by moorland, through which the birds are driven over the guns to astounding effect and giving the dogs a veritable retrieving challenge when, as is more often than not the case, the birds fall into the water. A wonderful spectacle for guns, dog handlers and onlookers alike.

All the drives are exceptional and exciting but those that stand out as much for their beauty as for the high birds would be Pixie's Rocks, Niagara, Swincombe, and the applauded Reservoir.

The Ian Coley Sporting Agency is pleased to be able to offer days at Challacombe throughout the season, please contact us today for more information.



Challacombe, Devon

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