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Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge are one of the ‘go to’ brands for quality shotgun shells, offering a huge variety of specifications for all levels and disciplines. Whether you are a novice; serious competitive shooter or seasoned game shot, you’re sure to find a cartridge to suit your needs.

Here are some of the Hull cartridges that we stock. If you don’t see what you are after, please contact us on 01242 870391 option 1

Some of our most popular Hull cartridges:

Clay Shooting

  • Comp X – cost-effective, low-recoil cartridges ideal for regular use. Fibre wad version is perfect for simulated days.
  • Superfast – a lot of performance for your money! Lighter shot weight means gains in speed and down-range performance.
  • Sporting 100 – exceptional patterns at long range, and competition grade hardened shot. A mid-priced shell perfect for competitive club shooting.

Game Shooting

  • High Pheasant – fast and smooth, with moderate recoil and a biodegradable fibre wad. Hardened shot throws uniform, dense patterns at longer ranges.
  • High Pheasant Extreme – ideal for those high bird shoots; fast, smooth and relatively low recoil. Uniform, tight patterns over extreme range.
  • Imperial Game – powerful performance, but comfortable to shoot. Well suited to fine English imperially chambered game guns.

History of Hull Cartridges

In the 1920s, Hull founder Sydney Bontoft was supplying carbide for industrial acetylene lighting systems. As these old-fashioned systems started to be replaced with electric ones, Sydney saw an opportunity to supply his customers with shotgun cartridges. After building up a steady trade in cartridges, he started loading his own, and Hull Cartridge was established in 1947.

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