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    Please note that the Ground is fibre wad only apart from on competition days.

    Self-guided Pay & Play practice is only available for licence holders. Pre-booking is no longer required. Please ensure you bring your certificate with you.

    Bismuth Cartridges

    Non-Toxic Bismuth Cartridges252505001000
    12 GAUGE
    VIP 12 gauge 30 gram£37.50£338£576£1139
    VIP 12 gauge 32 gram£38.99
    VIP 12 gauge 34 gram£44.99£405
    VIP 12 gauge 36 gram£55.50£500£1087£1975
    16 GAUGE
    VIP 16 gauge 26.5 gram£40.99£369£689£1250
    20 GAUGE
    VIP 20 gauge 28 gram£38.50£347£647£1176
    Why use bismuth shotgun cartridges?

    Non-toxic bismuth cartridges have become one of the non-lead alternatives available to wildfowlers since the ratification of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) by the UK Government in 1999. This made it illegal to use lead shot for all wildfowling in England and Wales, and for all shooting on or over wetlands in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Find out more about why it is important we should all comply with the law here

    What shot size to use?

    The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) recommends increasing pellet size by at least one (e.g. UK No.4 instead of UK No.5) to maintain penetration energy levels.

    If you need any further advice, please give the Gun Shop a call on 01242 870391 option 1 or use the enquiry button below.

    What is Bismuth?

    Bismuth is a heavy metal, approximately 86% as dense as lead. Bismuth cartridges are therefore suitable for use in older or Damascus steel barrelled guns.

    Bismuth is less toxic than other heavy metals, including lead, and showed no carcinogenic effects in long-term (2 years) tests on animals.

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    Please fill in your details and a member of the Ian Coley staff will get back to you shortly.

    Contact Us

    Please fill in your details and a member of the Ian Coley staff will get back to you shortly.