Perazzi MX12

Summary of the Perazzi MX12

From the company made famous by successes in the Trap disciplines comes a fantastic Sporter / Game gun – the Perazzi MX12. The incredible success seen by Perazzi on the international competitive stage is not only testament to the talent of the shooters, but also to the quality of Perazzi workmanship.

If you are buying a new Perazzi, then the company is one of the only manufacturers to offer direct access to its factory in Brescia, Italy. Choose your stock from blanks of the finest quality walnut and have your gun custom made to your gun fitting measurements.

Key Features of the Perazzi MX12

• Non detachable trigger group
• Coil Springs
• Top Selector
• Autosafe (optional extra)

Specifications of Perazzi MX12 available

The Perazzi MX12 is available in numerous specifications, from the entry-level MX12 Standard to the stunning MX12 Super Extra.

  • MX12 Standard: Black action.
  • MX12 L: Upgraded wood and scroll engraving.
  • MX12/3: All of the features of the MX12 standard, but with an adjustable comb and rib.
  • MX12 SC3: Upgraded wood and a choice of engraving for the action and underside of the trigger guard.
  • MX12 SCO: Further engraving options and upgraded wood.
  • MX12 SCO Gold: Features gold inlays in the action engraving.
  • MX12 SCO Sideplate: Upgraded wood and beautiful sideplate engraving.
  • MX12 SCO Extra Sideplate: Exhibition grade wood and yet another upgrade on the SCO Sideplate engraving.
  • MX12 SCO Extra Gold Sideplate: Additional gold inlays to the specs of the SCO Extra.
  • MX12 SCO Super Extra Sideplate: Top of the range – exhibition grade woodwork and engraving.

Ian Coley Sporting is proud to offer a unique opportunity to visit the Perazzi factory in Italy, and have your own bespoke Perazzi gun made-to-measure.

Perazzi have an open plan factory where it is possible to watch almost every stage of gun assembly, from the production of the stock to striking off the barrels. The tour includes the opportunity to handpick your stock and have your gun fitted.

This offer is available exclusively to clients who place a Perazzi order with us with a deposit. Call 01242 870391 option 1 for more details.

Having returned to reality and work I’d like now to reflect on the recent visit to Perazzi and say a big thank you to your good self and your team.


Having been kindly invited to participate in the factory visit I find it only correct to say thank you to Simon, Matt and Shaun for their hospitality during the trip, a trip that will remain long in the memory.  Mental therapy aside, to see at first hand the Perazzi brand in production was absolutely fantastic, it’s easy to see why they are a top  quality and highly respected manufacturer.  The dedication and professionalism throughout every department was brilliant to see, to meet Mauro and his team and to receive one to one advice and guidance at first hand reminds me very much of my Italian colleagues at Scame.


I was nice to enjoy the benefits of the trip with the group, you do have some interesting customers all of whom respected the opportunity and I’m sure fully enjoyed the experience as did I.


All I have to do now is wait for the arrival of my new toy (Unplanned), inform my wife and hope for the best!!


Again thanks  to you all for the great and well organised trip with some excellent hospitality.

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